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Climate change currently affects at least 10,967 species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Its rapid development is limiting their ability to adapt to new climatic conditions, increasing their chances of extinction. Climate change interacts with other major threats such as habitat loss and overexploitation of species. The decline of species and their ecosystems may in turn lead to the acceleration of climate change, causing a feedback loop that further exacerbates the situation.

In addition to their intrinsic value, species play essential roles in the ecosystems they inhabit by providing vital ecosystem services for humans. One of these services is carbon sequestration by plants, which acts as carbon sinks, decreasing the amount of CO2 in the environment, and thus increasing our resilience to climate change. The alteration of their ecosystems diminishes the capacity of plants to perform this activity with the necessary efficiency to counteract the greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activity.

Helping nature helps people

Conserving Chilean Patagonia, one of the largest areas covered by pristine forests in the Southern Cone, means preserving one of the most remote and little-intervened areas by man.Patagonia's native vegetation (forests, scrublands, steppes) is capable of capturing on average 111.8 tons of carbon per hectare. It is an ecosystem full of natural history, scenic beauty, and deep nature that actively cleans the air we breathe and which unfortunately humans insist on polluting. This certainly invites us to reflect on our role as humanity.

The Real Eco State has created a model that provides everyone with access to conservation through the commercialization of private conservation parks protected by the Conservation Easement , a legal tool that ensures the total protection of biodiversity, prohibiting the alteration of its ecosystems, and whose compliance is under the supervision of WEConserve Foundation , experts in private conservation and sustainability.

Nowadays, we can add new conscious and responsible wills that strengthen our common cause, enriching the conservationist vision traditionally exclusive to wealthy philanthropists. Today, you can also become a conservationist by assuming the commitment to protect nature and its biodiversity.

Knowing to defend

The following Leonardo Da Vinci quote says: "You can not love what you do not know nor defend what you do not love". At The Real Eco State, we absolutely agree with it. Indeed, for people to love and defend Patagonia, they must know it and create a bond with it. Conservation, therefore, should not be understood as an absence of human beings, on the contrary, it should consider people and nature as complementary in a respectful and enriching coexistence. To promote this linkage, our projects include a percentage of land where the construction of infrastructure allows such coexistence, always complying with the sustainability measures indicated in the Conservation Easement.


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