The Real Eco State | What we do

What we do

The Real Eco State contributes to mitigating the climate crisis by marketing pristine wildland, which is highly efficient in removing additional carbon from the atmosphere, to people who commit to conserving its ecosystems and biodiversity. This commitment is materialized through a Conservation Easement , a legal instrument that allows us to protect the biodiversity of land while ensuring its great value over time. In addition to contributing to the care of nature, eco-citizens ensure the opportunity to sequester carbon in unique pristine forests, wetlands, and soils.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity and life on the planet today. The increase in temperature, a product of greenhouse gas emissions, has caused various types of natural disasters; prolonged droughts, mega-fires, and floods, among many others. Numerous measures have been studied to mitigate these effects, one of them is the conservation of pristine forests since they represent a natural climate solution having a high potential to lessen climate change and offer environmental and socioeconomic benefits. Chilean Patagonia has one of the largest areas of pristine forest that cover the Southern Cone along with native vegetation (forests, shrublands, steppes) capable of capturing on average 111.8 tons of carbon per hectare.

The Real Eco State offers the possibility of acquiring virgin nature destined for conservation to anyone aware of the environmental urgency that afflicts the planet today, regardless of nationality or context. In this way, the conservation of key ecosystems no longer depends exclusively on government initiatives or philanthropic magnates but on all people who want to take action, this crusade needs everyone's collaboration.


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