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Conservation easement

A conservation easement is a legal tool that consists of the power to conserve the natural environment of a property or certain attributes, or functions thereof, and is granted through a contract between the owner of a property and the beneficiary of the conservation easement; it establishes prohibitions, limitations, and actions that guarantee the conservation of private lands through investment.

This agreement may establish the prohibition of certain actions that damage the biodiversity of the area; felling forests, construction of perimeter fences, entry of domestic animals, bonfires, accumulation of waste, and modification of watercourses, among others.

With this tool, we promote the principles of sustainability and diminish the effects of climate change, allowing private parties to conserve and protect a unique land in the world with an invaluable natural wealth capable of efficiently carrying out an activity that is impossible for humans to perform: capturing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Wildland Ecobenefit Conservancy (WEConserv), a non profit foundation, is in charge of enforcing the Conservation Easement and focused on conserving the natural and cultural heritage of private lands over the long term valuing nature's contribution to people.


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