The Real Eco State | Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data

Privacy and personal data protection policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform our users and/or clients about the treatment of personal data collected through in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

The Real Eco State's liability for use of data

The Real Eco State will adopt the necessary security measures to ensure the confidentiality of data through forms, surveys or web browsing registration mechanisms. The Real Eco State and employees who at any time may interact with personal data are obliged to keep them secret, when they come from or have been collected from sources not accessible to the public, obligations that will survive indefinitely, even after the end of their relationship with The Real Eco State.

The data provided by users and/or clients will be managed exclusively by the employees of The Real Eco State and external associates, who will have a confidentiality agreement in their respective employment and service contracts, respectively, avoiding misuse, alteration or delivery to third parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Real Eco State will not be responsible for the use that third parties may make of the personal data provided by its owners in spaces open to the public, such as social networks or forums.

Forms of data collection:

  • Automatic: Electronic processes that allow recording general activities and behaviors of customers within a website, but do not allow their personal identification. Examples of this are: number of visitors to the website, login times, most viewed pages, number of pages viewed.

  • Demographic and interest data: Estimated data such as age, gender and interests, obtained through navigation analysis, marketing and advertising reporting functions performed by Google Analytics on those user accounts that authorize it in their respective browsers.

  • Direct income: Direct requests for information to visitors or customers of the website through forms, radio buttons or the like, which allow the collection of data such as name, routine, email, occupation or other personal data.

Use of information:

Personal data of users and/or customers will be used only for the purposes indicated in the corresponding form(s) and always within the objectives of The Real Eco State. They will inform about the specific purposes for which the data is collected. If in any case a treatment different from what is indicated is required, the consent of the owner must be recorded.

The personal data that holders disclose in systems open to the public, such as social networks or forums, associated with the website of The Real Eco State, will be stored along with the rest of the contents, in order to enable the fulfillment of the objectives of The Real Eco State. In no case will this data be treated by The Real Eco State or its employees for different purposes, without requesting the prior consent of the owner.

Personal data collected through will be stored only for the time necessary to ensure compliance with the purpose for which they were collected.

Use for statistical purposes

The data collected through the website may be stored and processed for statistical purposes, provided that it is impossible to identify the owners of the data.

Communications to third parties:

The data collected by The Real Eco State through its website will not be communicated to third parties, except in the following cases:

  1. Such communication is necessary for the fulfillment of the objectives of The Real Eco State, and provided that the third party complies with the necessary guarantees on data protection.

  2. It is statistical, aggregated and anonymous data where it is not possible to directly or indirectly identify the owners of such data.

  3. It is carried out in compliance with a legal mandate or court order or in cases where it is necessary to ensure national security or the public interest.

  4. Sea solicitado por otros terceros autorizados por el titular, sus representantes legales o la Ley.

User rights:

The user may at any time exercise the rights granted by Law No. 19.628 on the protection of privacy and its subsequent amendments. Specifically, he/she may:

  • To have access to the data concerning your person, its origin and recipient, the purpose of storage and the identification of the persons or organizations to which your data has been transmitted.

  • Request in writing the modification of those personal data that are incomplete, outdated, erroneous or inaccurate. To do so, you must make a written request attesting to such circumstance, specifying the requested rectification.

  • Request the deletion or cancellation of the data provided when so desired, as long as they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected or recorded, or when the cancellation must be made in compliance with a legal obligation. The above, without prejudice to legal exceptions.

  • Request not to carry out a specific data processing when your personal data have been provided voluntarily or are used for commercial communications. The foregoing, without prejudice to other rights that may be established by law in favor of the holders of personal data, which must be exercised in accordance with the procedure established in the regulations in force.

To exercise their rights, the User may contact the Contact button at clearly indicating their request.

Ownership of rights:

The Real Eco State owns all rights, including intellectual property rights, with respect to the contents, forms or publications of any kind that appear on or its social networks, which have been made by its employees or third parties hired by it.

The public access contents on may be used by the user and/or client for non-commercial purposes. For commercial use, written authorization from The Real Eco State will be required, as indicated in the licensing regulations for such content.

This Personal Data Privacy Policy does not constitute a contractual commitment between users and/or clients and The Real Eco State, but serves a purely informative purpose.


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