The Real Eco State | Fiordos de San Rafael

Fiordos de San Rafael

Aysén, Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo


Fiordos de San Rafael, a project of unparalleled natural wealth and beauty, is located on Isla Elena in the region of Aysén. This region of Chile is well known for having the largest freshwater reserves in the country and the third largest worldwide one.

This project consists of 147 lots protected by Conservation Easements which turns it into an extraordinary investment in nature with great potential for tourism, environmental protection, and high levels of capital gain due to its privileged location. It counts on the main sea connection route between Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Aguirre. Additionally, it provides the Guaitecas Archipelago and the Pacific Ocean with privileged access through the Moraleda Channel.


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